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210 Kent Street W, Lindsay ON


Office hours: Monday through Thursday 10am – 2pm


Blood Pressure Clinic              Monday February 11                                   Noon – 1:30pm

Blood Donor Clinic                  Thursday February 28                                 1:30pm – 7:30pm

Singing Seniors Perform         February 12 Ross Memorial Hospital      2pm

                                                   February 26 Caressant Care McLaughlin          2pm

 Fun Day                                     Thursday February 14                                 1pm


2019 Memberships Now Due

A New Year has begun at the Lindsay Seniors Association.  With such an amazing variety of activities and programs to choose from, it’s the best deal in town!  If Travel is in your forecast, Cardinal Coach Tours has an array of bus trips to choose from.  As a member of the Lindsay Seniors, you qualify for travel credits when you register for any of their trips.  Brochures are available in the office, or check their web site for the most up to date information.  Conveners are now required to check for current memberships.

Valentine’s Fun Day

Come out and join the fun on Thursday, February 14 from 1-4pm.  There will be tables of Bid Euchre, Regular Euchre, Bridge, Cribbage, Dominoes and Yahtzee.  You are welcome to bring your own board game.  There is a $1.00 charge at the door which is used for half time refreshments.  You may also donate treats or snacks.  You may purchase 3 “share the wealth” tickets for $2.00.  The STW money is distributed to each game organizer at 12:55pm so the games can start at 1pm sharp.  The game organizer will distribute the prizes at the end.  Please bring Loonies and Toonies only.

Mardi Gras: Pancake Tuesday

Winter’s gone on long enough, so let’s celebrate Mardi Gras.  It’s also Pancake Tuesday, which is a great excuse for pot-luck pancakes, sweet and savoury, and costumes!  Add parades! Music and dance! Talk to Mil about joining in.  Further info in March calendar and newsletter.

To All Members

By agreement with the city, the Armoury is open to the Senior’s Association from 9am-4pm.  Therefore, the elevator may or may not be open if you come earlier than that.  Our custodian, Patti, needs that time to finish cleaning washrooms and floors.  Thank you for your co-operation.

If you know of a member who has taken ill or passed on, please notify the office. The Association will send a card and acknowledge the circumstance.